you should know it's a "he"

On Tuesday, I conducted an interview for my next Curator article and I was nervous. I get that way before every single interview. It is no fault of the interviewees; it is all me. I'm fairly comfortable with my thoughts internally, and in my writing, but ask me to verbalize and well, my knees turn a bit wobbly. I empathize with Moses who didn't react too well when God asked him to speak. In addition to a timid tongue, I conjure paranoid visions of the recording gadgetry malfunctioning, the interesting conversation lost.

Despite the fact that I'm slightly neurotic, this particular interview went very well. Sandra McCracken was so nice, easy to talk with, thought-provoking, and full of wisdom. I really, really enjoyed the Q & A's. The interview will publish in two weeks and I think you'll enjoy it as well.

My husband witnessed my silly nerves and surprised me with the above sock monkey (a "he") after a run to Target. Johnny predicted my reaction correctly - I smiled and laughed and calmed the hell down. I'm still not sure what it is about sock monkeys that cheer me so, but they do. Perhaps the retro-ness, the funny faces, the childlike comfort. Whatever it is, I can't help but gather a few sock monkeys along with my other collections ~ birds, blue glass, books, Crosses, icons, miniature chairs, mugs & tea cups, wooden textures, etc.. As much as we love minimalism, it's rather nice to have certain eye-catchers around the house.


Christine said...

I LOVE how that sock monkey looks on your shelf :)

Kimberly said...

Sock Monkeys are AWESOME! We already knew this, but it's good to say it again, you've got a sweet hubby. ;~)

jenni said...

Thanks, you two.

I do have a kind husband ~ he's the best, quite literally.