take a whiff

[another view of the pumpkin spice soy candle (from Simply Glowing) on that rainy day]

You may or may not be interested in my Dirt candle order placed just minutes ago:

-A 10 oz. All-Nighter ~ cinnamon bark, green tea, nutmeg, soy.

-An Open Arms tea light ~ pomegranate, sage, tropical greens, bergamot.

-A Nitty Gritty tea light ~ organic soil, tomato, sage, Malabar grass, celery seed. This is a new type of scent for me, but Alissa swears it's to-die-for. I normally trust her judgment, and I'm too curious not to order a $1.00 tea light.

-A Gingerbread Man tea light ~ cinnamon, ginger, molasses, sweet things.

-A Saving Grace tea light ~ cardamom, cream, nutmeg, spices. Johnny's pretty excited (as a guy can be) about this one - he loves cardamom. So do I; this may be our next 10 oz. purchase.

-An Apple a Day tea light ~ apple peel, apple core, red apple flash, herbs. I'm looking for an after-cooking kitchen candle. This might work.

If anyone is taking suggestions, I think Yogi's Tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea would make an amazing candle. ....Fairly often, Johnny sticks his nightcap under my nose - "Smell this. What do you smell?" - wanting me to correctly identify the olfactory notes [vanilla, citrus, spice] of his Scotch whisky, or possibly torture me since I can't drink right now. Actually, "my drink" is a good Merlot, so as long as he doesn't go sticking red wine under my nose, we're ok. But I do the same to him with that Yogi tea. Mixed with coconut milk it's not only the perfect dessert tea, but it smells like cinnamon bark, chicory, carob, cardamom, ginger, butterscotch, vanilla, hazelnut, clove, and a touch of black pepper. Very warm and comforting. I just enjoyed a cup, in fact.


abigail said...

I can almost smell those candles!

jenni said...

I know, right? I can hardly wait for my shipment.

jenni said...

I just received my shipment and I'm happy to say they all smell as good as they sound; and I haven't even burned them yet. :)