an extraordinary day

[image courtesy of TOAST]

+ Early morning light.

+ By a miracle, I was out the door right on time.

+ Chartreuse socks with Mary Jane shoes.

+ A travel mug of tea.

+ NPR, Red Balloon, and a Paste sampler to listen to.

+ Picked up raw cream from local dairy farmers.

+ Put the cream in my friend Amy's fridge, chit-chatted with her cool husband, Ryan, and received hugs from three of their kiddos: Izzy, Athan, and Ian (Elliot crawled around on the floor).

+ "Girl-time" with Amy at La Madeleine for breakfast: French Roast coffee, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, and fresh strawberries.

+ Whaddya know, my check card expired! Great. I was supposed to treat Amy to a belated birthday breakfast. We both laughed - a lot - and I realized what a great friend she is because she didn't care. She ended up treating me (I'll make it up to her).

+ After more hugs from the kids, I was off to Katy Budget Books. I felt like a book was speaking to me; I had $4.00 + change in my purse. Yep, it was Plainsong by Kent Haruf. $4.32!

+ Lunch with Johnny.

+ Blueberries & cream for dessert.

+ A small winter film from TOAST.

+ Mountainous desktop wallpaper from TOAST, too.

+ Butter is softening for almond flour pound cake.

+ Johnny is cooking steak tonight, one of his many talents.

+ Then we'll watch a movie ~ either The Visitor, Casino Royale, or Apocalypto.

+ For now, I'm reading that book.


kierstin said...

you will LOVE The Visitor. Johnny will too, i am sure of it. So jealous of your La Madeleine breakfast. How I miss that place on a weekly basis. Your day sounds perfect.

jenni said...

I kinda hope we watch The Visitor tonight.... Let's do La Madeleine the next time you're in the Houston area, OK? We have one in Katy, too - it's a really nice one. :)

Kimberly said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

shari said...

sounds like a great day!

kate o. said...

i often think miami would be a better place if we could la madeleine and trader joe's to come down here. seriously.

jenni said...

We need a Trader Joe's, too. :)

nicole said...

sounds like such a nice day, friend! I'd love to hear more about your trip to meet the farmers.


jenni said...

Well, the pickup is not that picturesque - they kindly deliver to a local high school. But I'd love to tour their farm one day; I'll be sure to write about that. :)

nicole said...

that's wonderful, though! we're thinking of doing an egg pickup much like that.