in the advent/christmas spirit

I realize it's still Advent, but this Christmasy print keeps catching my eye as I shop for family on Etsy:

["merry christmas" from seasprayblue's Etsy shop ~ click to see larger]

Charming, huh?

And now it's time for the Simmonses to celebrate the third Sunday in Advent one day late. *Sigh.* I suppose our belated attempts are better than nothing. Today, it's:

-silver ornaments,
-red drum ornaments,
-lighting a third Advent candle (pink for "joy"),
-and Bah Humbug + Spice of Life tea lights;
-Emmylou, Sufjan, Over the Rhine, and Kemper tunes,
-a new Nativity piece on the Advent calendar (we're into the wise men now),
-and prayer, of course.

I'd love to hear about your Advent festivities, if you care to share. Please? Oh, and which Advent/Christmas songs and albums are you listening to?


Nicole Garic said...

I listen to "O Holy Night" over and over again by every artist I can find. Its my favorite Christmas song and I can't get enough of it. Another one that I love is "Babe in the Straw".

nicole said...

we're still in the nativity fast - though, since we have not yet been chrismated and thus are not yet receiving confession and holy communion, we are not fasting - and just celebrated the conception by st. anna of the theotokos.

jenni said...

"O Holy Night" is a gorgeous song.

Thanks to you both for sharing. :)

Kimberly said...

One of my favorite songs is "Low How A Rose Ere Blooming". It's really old and very beautiful.

Heather said...

Hi Jenni, glad to read you are feeling better! Praise God! I'm still having issues but still trusting in Him. My husband and I do dinner (I use the term loosely since I've been sick) & our reading every Sunday, lighting our advent wreath. So far it's been a different wreath each year - this year monocromatic rather than traditional colors (feel free to take a look at: We also have a large cocktail party at the beginning of the season that helps set a mood of celebration throughout. I love Fernando Ortega for Christmas songs. I love your tradition of decorating your tree according to each week. I'm considering having a special set of ornaments that signify certain things that will go along with our reading that we will put on in stages!

jenni said...

Kimberly, that's another great one.

Heather, your Advent wreath is lovely! So are your home decorations ~ thanks for sharing the photos. :)